Desarrollo y Fabricación de afuste para masa oscilante M68 y sistema de puntería

Fecha de ejecución: 2003


Functional Specification and System Design
Bid Preparation and Contracting
Project Management and Dialogue with the Client (GDSB) until the final Acceptance


Design and Development of a System for Homologation of Gunpowder for 105 mm caliber rounds based on sensed M68 barrels.
The system consisted of a M68 barrels and respective gun mount fitted with a secure pointing system.
The project included the following phases:

- Mechanical design of Gun mount and validation by FEM simulation
- Development and integration of the secure pointing system
- Manufacture of bench, base plate and gun mount for oscillating mass (barrel and elastic elements)
- Civil works (construction of foundation) and final assembly of the system
- Final Acceptance upon real firing tests (SAT)