Network of Partners

DEFSEC Consulting currently counts on a wide variety of partners (mostly national) such as: Research Centers, Engineering Services companies, OEM manufactures and System Integrators.

Thanks to the wide variety and specialization of the different partners the whole Added Value Chain is fully covered for the envisaged areas of solution. The collaborative model is becoming extremely agile and efficient based on the commercial agreements stablished allowing the different partners to reinforce the access to new clients and better accomplish their subcontracting needs.

System Integrators

Refers to those Tier1, Tier2 companies whose activity is focused on the development of overarching and complex systems requiring the integration of different third party technologies or solutions. The rest of partners may act as their subcontractors or reference suppliers. Sometimes a System Integrator company is acting as a OEM manufacturer as well.

[CONFIDENTIAL] is a multinational enterprise based in Spain deeply specialized in the development and provision of Solutions and Services within the markets of Defence and Security, Terrestrial & Air Traffic Management, Energy & Industry, Telecom & Media, Public Administration, Financial and Health.

[CONFIDENTIAL] solutions envisaged under the commercial agreement:

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems
  • Military Communication Systems
  • CBRN/ CIED Systems
  • Intelligence Systems
  • Command & Control Systems
  • Security Systems for Critical Infrastructures and Frontiers
  • Integral Logistic Support (ILS) Solutions and Services

[CONFIDENTIAL] is multinational enterprise with a Spanish subsidiary which provides overall solutions for critical systems within the Aerospatial, Defence & Security and Emergency sectors through owned engineering and products as well as third party solutions.

[CONFIDENTIAL] Solutions envisaged under the commercial agreement:

  • Defence Solutions integrated on terrestrial platforms
  • CBRN Solutions
  • Emergency management systems
  • Protection for Critical Infraestructures
  • Border control & Surveillance
  • Intelligence and Information Management Systems
  • Defence Communication systems

OEM Manufacturers

Refers to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) related to the Solutions domains in which DEFSEC has some expertise. All the selected OEMs are characterized by owning differential and competitive solutions in their respective fields.

U3LIMS es una empresa estadounidense especializada en el desarrollo de aplicaciones LIMS (Sistemas SW de Gestión de Información para Laboratorios) para entornos de Laboratorios Forenses C-IED.


U3LIMS ha desarrollado la única aplicación LIMS homologada por OTAN para este tipo de uso, por lo que constituye el mejor socio para promover este tipo de soluciones en el ámbito de los laboratorios forenses para uso en entornos militares.

La empresa [CONFIDENCIAL] pertenece al grupo internacional de origen español [CONFIDENCIAL] que se especializa en el desarrollo de soluciones para Infraestructuras Inteligentes, Comunicaciones, Seguridad y Defensa y Criptografía.

Las soluciones contempladas en el ámbito de la colaboración comercial son las relacionadas con los sistemas de Criptografía concebidos para el cifrado de voz y datos en aplicaciones de Defensa y Seguridad.

IRDAM is a Swiss manufacturer of meteorological instrumentation with extensive knowledge and experience in the development of high performance solid state meteorological sensors (without moving parts) and specially designed for highly demanding applications such as military and high mountain environments.

 The type of solutions developed by IRDAM that are contemplated in the scope of the commercial collaboration are: 

  • Solid state meteorological sensors for military applications (Ballistics, CBRN, UAVs)
  • Stand-alone automatic weather stations intended for Defence and Security applications.

Special & Engineering Services

They are companies focused on the provision of Special Services (Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Security in war conflict areas, etc.) as well as Engineering Services oriented to defence projects.

These services are highly demanded by System Integrators companies in the execution of their projects, both in the design phase and in the implementation phase when dealing with conflict zones.

The ALTRAN group is a French multinational of engineering services for critical systems in the sectors Aerospace and Defence, Public Sector, Automotive, Infrastructure and Transport, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Health, Energy and Industry, Railway, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Media.

ALTRAN services contemplated in the scope of the commercial collaboration of Defence and Security are the following: 

  • Systems engineer
  • HW Engineering, Electronics and Communications
  • SW engineering & development
  • Systems Testing & Qualifications Engineering
  • Integral Logistic Support (ILS) on platforms and systems

EODITEC Special Services, S.L, is a Spanish company, founded by specialists in the EOD/ CIED field and focused on the provision of services related to this activity in the areas of EOD, IEDD, C-IED and NRBQ.

EODITEC services included in the scope of the commercial collaboration are the following:

  • Disposal of Explosive devices (EOD/ IEDD) and CBRN treat management
  • Battlefield Area Clearance (BAC) and Humanitarian Demining
  • Demilitarization of Ammunition stockpiles
  • EOD/ CIED Training and awareness
  • Integral Security Services in conflict areas and critical infrastructures
  • Consulting services
  • Special EOD equipment

R&D Centers

They are organizations whose activity is focused on Research & Development around Defence & Security solutions, providing technologically innovative solutions to the other companies along the Global Supply Chain.

The ITCL is the Reference R&D Center in Castilla y León acting under the legal status of a private foundation. ITCL focuses its Research and Development activities in the areas of Virtual Reality Simulation, Electronic Artificial Intelligence, Energy Technologies, Production Technologies, ICTs, Industrial Automation, Mobility and Transportation and Training.

ITCL solutions contemplated in the field of commercial collaboration are the following:

  • Simulation and Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • IT defence solutions
  • Electronics artificial intelligence
  • Training